Aleta Maree is a small-town farm girl from Washington State. After 30 years at a multi-billion dollar company, she found out how important it was to choose God over money. After writing her memoir with the sole purpose to help others, she just kept on going.  


She wrote a fiction-based story about being, "Just A Farm Girl Finding Purpose and Peace." Using real-life working women's trials and tribulations, her book tackles several tough topics. This novel also has a group discussion guide available to help talk through the importance of forgiveness.


This February she was honored to be a contributing author for a compilation of stories about important lessons learned by women and girls around the good and bad decisions associated with financial management.


Her most recent project is an urban fantasy adventure that takes place in Washington and Oregon. The heroine learns just how powerful passion and determination can be as she searches for her soul mate across the universe.

It will be published in early 2023. 

There were a lot of tears during my whistleblower experience.  Throughout my journey I was provided with an overwhelming number of coincidences that could only be classified as blessings and mini-miracles from above. 



As my whistleblowing story neared the end of its three year life-cycle, I felt a push to share my story with others, the primary goal being to help at least one person who might be stuck on the proverbial "low road" of life.



If this is you, I have walked in your shoes (a couple of times actually), and my hope is that through this book, I can share a virtual hug, a little bit of hope, a whole lot of love, and a few words of encouragement to help with the healing of life's scars.


Thanks for joining me on my journey,

Aleta Maree



Do everything in Love.


1 Corinthians 16:14